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Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Malou van Sluis

Malou van Sluis creates intimate, idiosyncratic, visual and imaginative performances in which the audience is close to the actress. Malou makes and plays theater for small and large people.

Previously she made the successful show We have a goat (2+) and the show In the Verte (2+) i.s.m. Judith Sleddens with whom she now travels through Belgium. In the Verte played in 2015 at the Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xian, China, and played at the Theater Festival in Amsterdam.

"Malou can take the children on a wonderful journey like no other with few words, resources and beautiful movements. [..] Her performances are strong in content and have a high playing quality." Ingrid Wolff - artistic director of Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

Voorstellingen Discipline Leeftijd
Farewell Musical Theatre 2+