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Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Theaterstraat | Meboer & Bakker

Theaterstraat | Meboer & Bakker create funny, accessible shows in which the experience of art is central. It is their mission to make (abstract) modern art accessible through theater to (young) children of all backgrounds. They do this through a strong visual, physical and humorous playing style, with beautifully designed costumes and scenery.
In 2017, Rianne Meboer and Suzanne Bakker made the praised performance Pim Pam Paars for toddlers. The focus is on looking at art and creating a painting in a playful way. This small show is currently touring throughout the country and in September they are even playing for toddlers in China.

"Throughout the entire performance, the toddlers will continue to look fascinated at the red circles, the yellow triangles and the orange bars" (theater newspaper about Pim Pam Purple)

Voorstellingen Discipline Leeftijd
Pim Pam Purple Physical Theatre 2-5