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Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Dagmar Chittka / Rauher Engel

Dagmar Chittka is the driving force behind the Rauher Engel Foundation. In the meantime she has been making dance theater performances for the little ones for more than 10 years, in which there is hardly any mention. The work of Rauher Engel is a whimsical mix of movement, dance, play and humor. The physical intensity, lyrical images and absurd elements give Dagmars performances a unique character; refreshing and quirky, and always curious about the world around her. An investigation into the inner movement and the cranio sacral rhythm resulted in the performance Schaap Zacht. Rauher Engel is also a welcome guest in China, Hong Kong, Belgium and Germany.
Rauher Engel is affiliated with Cultuurbuur Rotterdam.

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