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Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Simone de Jong Company

Coming from mime and music theater, Simone de Jong Company makes performances in which sound, music and imagination play the largest role.

De Jong made Eiland, Kluizelaar (Hermit), WalvisJong and Timtim for children. She recently directed Kras at All corners of the chamber music.

"If you look closely, there is always something exciting to find, also nearby" is the motto, which you will also find in her book "The Secret of Mr. Hearts" (Clavis, 8+).

For adults, she wrote the Whisper Concert and Flight (Pé Okx). As a player / maker, she worked for Orkater, Dick Hauser and her own foundation Het Hoofd.

Voorstellingen Discipline Leeftijd
Hermit Physical Theatre 2 till 6
Timtim Theater 2 till 6