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Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Thé Booking Agency for Toddler Theatre!

Toddler Festival

About the Toddler Festival
Apart from shows, Vanaf2 has been mediating for more than 15 years in toddler festivals. The toddler festival is a unique concept specially developed for the entire theater, with performances in the halls and a theatrical playground in the foyer.

The festival program will differ for each theatre, making each festival a wholly unique experience. The number of festivals we do each year has steadily increased and presently we organize about 60 per year. We constantly develop our concepts to be flexible and affordable.

Tummy Tom’s Colorful Life
In collaboration with “Stichting 2-ater”, Vanaf2 developed a completely new concept: a fully immersive experience throughout the theatre in which the performance is enhanced by an engaging foyer program; experience Tummy Tom’s Colorful Life. Read more about this production.


The art festival for the whole family

Is art difficult? Of course not! This theater and art festival is jampacked with opportunities to explore a range of media and create inspiring art. Children aged 2 and up and their (grand)parents playfully become acquainted with the world of color and form. Perfect for a younger audience, who already inherently think abstractly – and for their parents, who can reexplore art with their children. This makes the arts festival an experience for the whole family.

This festival is being developed in collaboration with artist duo Studio Maky i.s.m. Villa Zebra.

Picture book festival “Party in the City”

Feest in de stadStep into a theater foyer, turned into a vibrant picture book city, full of famous figures from a variety of famous picture books.

The Picture Book Festival is an initiative of Klein Amsterdam Productions. Kajsa Blomberg and Peter Lanting: “The Picture Book Festival brings the world of theater and children’s books together …”

In the jungle
OerwoudWelcome to the tropical jungle, exotic trees, wild plants and flowers everywhere. Is that a butterfly dancing there? Wait, a monkey looking for a banana. The lion visits from the savannah, wrestle with him or with the fact that puzzled puzzle-giraffe is lost, can you help her? How about relaxing and swinging gently in a sprawling monkey nest? Anything is possible, there’s no rules in the jungle!

The Forest of GnomesKabouterbos
The “Kabouterbos” is full of pretty, red/white dotted mushrooms allowing the toddlers to explore and play with natural materials. Gnomes and toddlers are pretty similar and become great friends. Help the Gnomes with their important daily tasks such as: gathering wood, collecting leaves, making bouquets and raking dirt.

Frog’s World
KikkerAre you ready to play, create and draw with Frog and his friends? Step into the cheerful world of Max Velthuijs and meet Frog in real life! Together with Frog’s show, singing and reading from Theater Terra, you can transform this concept into a complete Frog festival.

This design was commissioned by “Theater Terra” by “Huis van Aristoteles”.

The Drawing Workshop
TekenatelierGet started with paper, pencil and brush. Real easels are displayed everywhere and the little artists can enjoy themselves in all the colors of the rainbow. Of course, the children will be inspired by the beautiful and exciting performances that can be seen during the festival … an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Soft baskets, blocks and colorful crawl spaces. The senses are all stimulated and babies can crawl around to their heart’s content. Combine baby-friendly objects from different playgrounds and with 1.5+ performances and put together your very own baby festival!

Illustratie: Noëlle Smit Vormgeving: Marc Volman