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Tummy Tom’s Colorful Life

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What is it like to be Tummy Tom? If you constantly walk around on four paws, if you can’t talk but purr instead. When you can lay down anywhere, even in the strangest places. Or run across the keys of a piano and dance with your best friends. What about secretly fishing in the fishbowl? And end with a long lovely sleep full of dreams of all the adventures you had.

In the play, Tummy Tom moves across the stage through interactive projections and video. Two actors bring his world into ours through physical slapstick and lots of humor. They play a game that involves appearing and disappearing, fantasy and reality. But is their imagination too big for their own good?

With the original drawings of Jet Boeke, creator of Tummy Tom.

Tummy Tom, Dikkie Dik in Dutch, is a mischievous orange tomcat who loves eating, sleeping and spending time with his feline friends. Tummy Tom is the favourite cat of young (and not so young) readers in the Netherlands, well known for his TV performances on Sesame Street. Tummy Tom has proven to be a huge book selling success, with over 5 million copies within the series sold in the Netherlands alone.

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  • Genre: Physical Theatre
  • Running Time: 40 minutes
  • Age: 2+
  • Direction and concept development: Olaf van de Ven
  • Actors: Desiree van Haaren and Achref Adhadi
  • Dramaturgy: Frederieke Vermeulen
  • Video and light design: Arjen Klerkx
  • Set design: Eric Loze
  • Music: Daan van West
  • Producer: 2-ater Productions
  • Special thanks: Jet Boeke and Kajsa Blomberg
  • Made possible by: Gottmer Publishing Group and en
  • Smølke Petfood

Illustrations Tummy Tom (Dikkie Dik) © Jet Boeke