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The Coat

The White Pump

A fairytale from the ghetto.
What could one girl mean in the darkest moments of World War II? Anything! As long as she has enough imagination. The Coat is a performance about small people performing great deeds. About hope and despair. About light in the darkness. And about a history that is more topical than ever. In collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre (Norway).

On an autumnal October day in 1941, the grandfather of the Jewish girl Manasse was shot dead before her eyes by an SS man. Just like that. In an attempt to keep her grandfather close to her, Manasse put on his coat. Then she made an extraordinary discovery: in a hidden pocket she found the doll of a prince. The doll comes to life and allows the girl to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps: Manasse becomes a puppeteer.

In an attempt to make the orphans in the overcrowded Warsaw ghetto forget their misery for a while, Manasse performs for them. But then an SS officer demanded that the girl also play for the German soldiers. With the Prince at her side, Manasse entered the lion’s den. And there she discovers that resistance has many forms.

The second world war is a heavy topic. But it is indispensable in the education of a child. How do you ensure that you can share these kinds of stories with children? That was one of the questions theatre maker Meike van den Akker asked herself. Puppet theatre in particular lends itself to translating big themes. Puppets can represent the grotesque without being too shocking. Misery becomes poetry. But the story is definitely told.

The Coat is a Dutch-Norwegian co-production of De Witte Pomp and Nordland Visual Theatre.

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  • Genre: Puppetry
  • Age: 10 and up
  • Running Time: 80 minutes
  • Performance: Meike van den Akker, Dirk Peter Kölsch and Radek Fedyk
  • Direction: Marcel Sjim
  • Script: Simon van der Geest