About us

In 1998, Vanaf2 started behind a desk in Amsterdam, with one single telephone and a second-hand computer. Currently, Vanaf2 is the Netherlands’ largest agency in toddler and pre-school theatre. Experts in our field, we offer a wide range of children’s theatre programming.

Our artists perform everywhere – theatres, festivals, libraries, schools. They travel all throughout the Netherlands, Europe and even farther abroad! It is important to us that every child can enjoy and learn about the wonders of the theatre – so we make theatre for everyone.

Some of the performances created by our artists are especially suitable to travel abroad. These productions are either wordless or can be translated and performed in languages such as English or French. We work with theatres in China and Europe and we are developing projects in the US. We think big and believe that broadening our collaborative network will only make us better.

Vanaf2 can be literally translated to ‘from two and up’. We focus on toddler and pre-school theatre, which is often naturally wordless, imaginitive and immersive. But we also offer productions for older children.