The four percussionists of 4Beat introduce young audiences to drums and rhythms from all over the world. Spectacular drums and percussion instruments from Africa, Asia and Latin America are combined with DJ-sounds, song and dance.

The 4Beat musicians are…

Gianna Tam (Suriname) is the daughter of percussionist Lucas van Merwijk. She has played with Drums United for the past 15 years. Recently she drummed in Edsilia Rombley’s TV show and appeared as a guest percussionist with The Ladies of Soul. She currently sings backing vocals for Trijntje Oosterhuis.

Alper Kekec (Turkey) is a virtuoso of the mystical oriental percussion. Alper studied at the conservatoire in Izmir, Turkey. Since 2006 he teaches at the Codarts Conservatoire in Rotterdam. Like Gianna, Alper is a permanent member of the percussion group Drums United, with whom he has toured around the world.

Vernon Chatlein (Curaçao) is a percussionist with a background in Afro-Cuban and Latin American music and jazz. He studied for two years at the Conservatory in Havana, Cuba and received the “Foundation Jazz Talent Award”. Vernon has performed with artists such as Tania Kross (Curaçao), Izaline Calister (Curaçao) and Kuenta i Tambú (NL).

DJ Charlie den Hertog (Netherlands) graduated as a sound producer and rapper at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht. In addition, he completed the ‘Sound Education’ course in Utrecht. As a DJ and producer, he works alongside 4Beat in various acts and shows.