Grown Ups consists of Lisa Groothof, Dwayne Toemere and Yannick Greweldinger.

Coming from the relatively young tradition of Dutch mime, these unconventional makers found each other during their studies at the Amsterdam School of Arts (AHK). After a time in which each of them got a lot of international experience in (youth) theatre, directing and teaching, they now are united once more.

Since then, EGG-tion hero has sprung back to life, Boef has been produced and their newest performance (Skeletje), is about to be made.

Always working from improvisation, these makers start with questions that could be asked by a child, not shying away from the more complicated themes, such as good and evil, death, or even.. art!

The trio has a background in physical theatre and works with movement and physical scenes as a base for their performances. This often results in an eccentric, comedic and absurd style of theatre that resonates well with both children and adults. Young children are taken seriously, making the performances work for a very wide group of audiences.