La Llave Maestra is a Spanish-Chilean company of Visual and Object Theatre, which has developed a surprising and suggestive language based on materiality, objects and their scenic relationship with the body and gesture.

“Our theatre combines elements of Object Theatre, Masks, Clowning and Movement to create poetic and playful shows that develop on stage imaginary, poetic and surrealist universes that make the spectator travel creatively and connect with their own dreams and delusions.”

La Llave Maestra has created five shows so far: Bestiario, Deliriums of Paper, Nomads, Los niños del Winnipeg and Pareidolia. These works have captivated the most diverse audiences in theatres and festivals in 17 countries: Spain, Turkey, Bosnia, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Costa Rica, United States, Belgium, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama and Chile.

La Llave Maestra has become one of the leading companies in Chile in Visual and Object Theatre, thanks to its careful scenic language and unique artistic universe, which allows its shows to be enjoyed equally by everyone.