We are happy to introduce two companies which we have just added to our international portfolio.

With DadoDans, choreographer Gaia Gonnelli creates associative, intimate and multidisciplinary dance performances for children from two years old. In NiGHT (3+), three dancers and three musicians take you on a magical journey through the night: a world full of dance and sound. Smaller settings don’t need to be any less spectacular: in Colour+ (2+) a dancer moves through the space, followed by various colours of paint. Is dancing a form of drawing in the air?

MAN || CO is a collective of four dancers that create, dance and produce theatrical dance performances. Endlessly inspired by the absurdity of the everyday, their performances are physical and energetic. On a lonely island (6+) is an adventure of self-discovery through a colourfully fantastic landscape. An ode to the explorers in the world that are shy, enthusiastic, impulsive, tactical… or slightly less tactical.