You don’t need a time machine to explore other eras, but… time travel is undoubtedly cool!

A fantastic invention has been created in Ari Vontura’s secret laboratory: you can travel through time by simply wearing special headphones. But does the device function as intended? Along with the children, Ari journeys back to the future and forward to the past. Where in time would you like to travel?

A.vontura Silent Disco Theatre has been creating plays for young audiences for over ten years, specialising in staging performances that incorporate music, storytelling, and interactive theatre. The wireless headphones, music, soundscapes, and enthusiastic directions by performer Daniel van den Broeke provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

During the performances, the fantasy is literally brought to life and all children participate actively. The shows engage them in entertaining discussions about important topics, like: What is friendship? What do you see yourself doing when you’re older? What is time? What is language? How can we save the world?

The thirty-minute shows can be performed practically anywhere: in a theatre, between the bookcases of a library, in a gym, or outside under the trees. Even at locations where there are no electrical outlets available.


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