Drumming, tapping, clapping, drumming, singing, whistling, kicking, humming, stamping, in short… BANG!

In many areas all over the world, rhythm and drums have a magical, almost supernatural power. There, drummers are great heroes, comparable to the Superheroes we see in action movies. In this show, the 4Beat percussionists become Superheroes too, with names like:

Gianna T – The Blastbeat Super Woman
Charlie S – The Beatman
Vernon C – The Drum King Legend
Alper K – The Incredible Beat Wizard

BANG! is an energetic and exciting youth performance with drums and rhythm at the core. 4Beat has recently presented more than 150 performances in theatres, schools and festivals with their production Where is my drum? With BANG! the four percussionists will once more young audiences to drums from all over the world.

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