Ton is 12 years old and lives in the attic above his parents’ bakery. Here he builds huts, writes the most beautiful poems and… keeps his biggest secret: he is crazy about opera. But what if his classmates find out…?

Be Opera is a unique collaboration between actor Ton Meijer, soprano Marijje van Stralen and the Dutch National Opera. They all share the wish to promote opera among broader audiences.

What makes opera so special? What is going on in a performance? Be Opera is a musical experience for the whole family in which this music will sneak into your ears never to leave again!

After the (inter)national success of Ton’s previous shows Be Bach and Be Mozart, a follow-up was only to be expected. In a show full of humour and drama, Ton tells about his love for opera and about the history of the genre while an instrumental trio (piano, violin and cello) and three singers perform live on stage. Even the audience helps Ton by singing and playing in his coming-out as an opera fan!

The ‘XL-version’ with seven performers is available from May 2023, and also our recommended setting. It features an actor, three singers (soprano, mezzosoprano and tenor) and three instrumentalists (violin, piano and cello), bringing more richness and variety to the performance. However, the show is also available in smaller and larger settings.

Option: trio version
The smallest option, already available, is a trio version featuring the core performers: actor Ton Meijer, soprano Marijje van Straalen and pianist Ernst Munneke. In consultation you may also add violin and cello to this setting.

Option: orchestral version
Does your organisation or festival have connections to a local orchestra? It may be possible to involve them in the performance of Be Opera. In 2023, an ensemble of musicians from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (NedPho) will play Be Opera in Amsterdam and it may possible to repeat this project with local musicians elsewhere. Do not hesitate to contact us to explore the possibilities!