I can see a square. Is it a house?
There’s a noise coming from inside. What’s happening over there?
Suddenly a flap opens. Could there be something inside?
What could be inside? Or rather, who could be inside?

Hermit is an imaginative performance about a teeny tiny house. The owner isn’t home. But we can hear him… A show about being alone and coming home.

Hermit previously toured internationally in Egypt, China and Italy among other countries and played at international festivals such as Babaró (Galway), Young at Art (Belfast) and Imaginate (Edinburgh).

“(…) For a near-perfect combination of movement and human voice in children’s theatre, there’s no need to look any further than Simone De Jong of the Netherlands’ exquisitely funny show Hermit, for children aged two to six.” – Joyce McMillan, De Scotsman (UK), 13 May 2022

Educational resources
Click on ‘teaching materials’ below to download a PDF with ideas for teachers to use at school after the children have seen the show.


Modern mime workshops for professionals
Simone de Jong can offer workshops for actors and dancers in connection to the performances of ‘Hermit’. These workshops focus on ‘modern mime’, a modern way of physical acting rooted in a.o. the Decroux techniques and unique to the mime education at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Among the available workshops are ‘Working with the invisible’, in which the inner world is taken as a starting point for performing through various exercises and assignments, and ‘Acting: starting from the body’, with exercises concerning physical awareness, presence, movement qualities, following impulses and creating characters. Simone can also coach professionals on the subjects of working with objects, improvisation or creating performances for children. The length of the workshops is flexible (1 to several days) and longer courses are available as well. You can read more about Simone’s workshops here or contact us for more information.

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