When something was still nothing.

Everything has a beginning and an ending, but that ending is the beginning of something new.
You can go on like this indefinitely. Also with paper.
Three puppeteers tell a wordless story and leave nothing to chance.
Although… what if the paper tears? Then they just make something new out of it.
After seeing this performance, paper will never be just paper again. Because you can love it, it can make you cry, it may scare you, and it can take you to a world that wasn’t there before. Although… it was actually there, but you had not seen it yet.

The general public got to know the paper doll on the Dutch TV-show Popster, where it was simply born out of three strips of wrapping paper. It also made it to the finals of Holland’s Got Talent. 

This performance is produced by 2-ater Productions and De Grote Haay in collaboration with Theater Gnaffel.


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