Energetic, theatrical and full of humor – three dancers take you on an adventure of self-discovery through a colourfully fantastic landscape.

Three strangers live on a lonely island,
But there is no sand, sun or sea.

Hi! I am One. Hey, I am the Other
And then there is the Third.
And who are you? Silence.

One reaches for the Other’s hand. Together they restlessly wait for an answer, fidgeting, fidgeting. And right before their excitement is about to burst like a fountain, they hear ever so softly: bang, bang, bang.

WOW! Where is that coming from? Did you make that noise?
You’re starting to glow!!!

On a lonely island is the latest performance by MAN || CO, an ode to the explorers in the world that are shy, enthusiastic, impulsive, tactical (or slightly less tactical). It’s a discovery adventure full of confidence, immense doubt, fun and discomfort. And on the way we try to be ourselves – but how does that actually work?

“At a MAN || CO performance, you’ll witness a close-knit group of makers who share a clearly defined sense of style, tone and humor – they work together like an idiosyncratic rock band. Very refreshing.” – Fritz de Jong, Critics’ Choice, Theaterkrant, October 2023

Join MAN || CO on a journey where imagination meets reality, and where every step is a dance of possibility.

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