When things are not what they seem.

If you look closely, a jacket turns into a singer, a tutu into an ostrich, a piece of plastic into a volcano…

Bodies in continuous transformation, forms that come to life, seas of plastic that dance like giant waves. A poetic and comic universe is waiting to be discovered in our daily lives. A wordless journey into the imagination in which you only need to playfully observe the things that surround us to discover their stories.

Pareidolia is a visual and sensorial show. Its expressive power lies in its creativity and in the constant game of transformation of scenic elements at the service of surprising associations, analogies and visual metaphors which invite the spectator to participate creatively.

A game in complicity with the audience, in which spectators can see, touch and be touched by elements, materials and characters born from a universe where everything can come to life.

Premiered in August 2018 and with more than 100 performances throughout Chile and in theatres, series and festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil, Pareidolia has always been excellently received by the public and the press for its surprising language and poetic staging.

“That a cardboard box or a plastic bag can turn into a spaceship or into the blue sea, these are the gadgets of homo ludens that we soon lose, socialised in the painful trance of joining adult life. So going to see Pareidolia is an invitation to be free again from the value of the use of things, to be children again.” – Rodrigo Hidalgo, El desconcierto (Chile)

La Llave Maestra is a Spanish-Chilean company of Visual and Object Theatre, which has developed a surprising and suggestive language based on materiality, objects and their scenic relationship with the body and gesture.


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