Three children living alone
swinging on their bedframe
playing endlessly
doing whatever they feel like
daring everything
Come and see them…

This funny, heartwarming performance with acrobatic acting is like a kid’s dream.

Slinger is inspired by all quirky, willful and tough kids. About friendship, courage, living without parents and physical closeness.

Slinger inspires children to move, rough and tumble, and follow their imagination. Because that’s what makes you strong.

For everybody from 4 to 8 years old and those who want to be that big again.

Simone de Jong Company creates work based on movement, music and imagination. Original, funny and sensitive. “Our performances are mostly non-verbal, since for a young child the spoken word is only one of hundreds of languages. We like to connect with children and to challenge them at the same time. We start from the physical and aim for the philosophical.”

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