A participatory performance by artist/scenographer Elian Smits and dancer/choreographer Anne-Beth Schuurmans.

In STIP IT we examine actions, movements and material through the intersection of collaborative art and play.

STIP IT starts with a 20-minute long performance, after which the audience is invited to join the performers. Together, they explore and create a picturesque and welcoming landscape.

The performance was developed for kindergardens as an investigative activity for children and their teachers through the project ‘Jong Beginnen’ of Festival 2turvenhoog.

The combination of movement, sound, material and action forms the basis of play with the senses and perception. STIP IT uses this as the starting point to explore how an encounter with something new is both an opportunity to explore and an invitation to truly be present in the moment.

Concrete and abstract images, actions and movements are used to translate and to strengthen the power of being in the moment, which then becomes the narrative of the event.

Anne-Beth Schuurmans (Cie sQueezz) is a dancer/choreographer. Since 2009 she has been developing interdisciplinary art for young children, in which magic and encounter are central. In her performances she makes herself vulnerable, surrounded by natural materials and sounds.

Elian Smits is a visual artist and scenographer. She designs theatrical installations in space and consciously allows encounters with, and the intervention of, others. Elian also likes to work with perishable, natural materials and enjoys playing with the fact that time does not stand still. Shape through movement.


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