Barefoot is a shy animal. He digs up clay in the cellar of his house and throws vases and pots. He never goes outside.

One day, he receives a letter in the mail. Elephant is celebrating his birthday, and just like all the other animals, Barefoot is invited to his party. This makes Barefoot very nervous. In a panic, he crumples the letter and throws it out.

Meanwhile, the party is in full swing. All the animals are singing and dancing, until Elephant discovers that Barefoot is not there. Deeply offended, he runs to Barefoot’s house: “Why aren’t you at my party?” Barefoot stutters: “I feel so naked.”

Elephant understands and takes pity on Barefoot. He picks up some clay and starts kneading.

The King Bakes a House is a poetic and musical performance about being yourself. About being afraid and daring. About hiding and still coming out. About big themes, on a small scale. Told by one puppeteer, one musician and a lot of clay.

The King Bakes a House is based on the children’s book of the same name by illustrator Annemarie van Haeringen, published by Leopold.

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