A cheerful performance about chasing your dreams, spoken through a voice-over which can be translated into your desired language.

What makes a good astronaut? Should you know where all the planets are? And how would you even get to space…?

In The Little Astronaut, a young boy answers these questions from behind his computer. Thanks to the internet, he learns all about the universe. Everything he needs to prepare for his journey to the moon, he orders on Globe.com. One package after another arrives at his doorstep. He opens a box, and out comes the earth. Another holds the searing hot sun. The solar system grows in front of our eyes, in fluid movements supported by wonderful music. Objects become otherworldly. The boy assembles and tinkers. Finally, he travels to the moon with his self-built rocket!  Once there, he explores and makes an extraordinary discovery…

This cheerful performance features music by composer and virtuoso Daan van West. Kids learn to understand space travel, life as an astronaut and our beautiful, yet fragile home planet. The show is a theatrical translation of the children’s book series André het Astronautje. Author of these books is André Kuipers, a Dutch astronaut who made two trips to the International Space Station (ISS). He is an inspiration to thousands of children and adults around the world and shows us the breathtaking beauty of planet earth, the fun in science and technology, and how cool it is to make dreams come true.

Ukrainian language version available
In collaboration with the Ukrainian embassy, the performance was translated into Ukrainian in April 2022 and recorded by singer Maryana Golovchenko and director Aleksai Yatsuta, who recently fled from Kiev. This allows venues and festivals all over the world to offer refugee children a moment to fully engage with their fantasy and with their own dreams by following a play in their own language.


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