The surrealistic journey of two carpenters.

Two carpenters. They build a lot. They re-build often. Their world is never finished, it can always be better, more beautiful, different. So thinks Tim. So thinks Willie. But Tim can’t stop hammering and Willie wants to protect the furniture. They grow tired… Dreams and reality intertwine more and more in the wonderful world of Timtim.

Timtim is a cool visual performance with humour, the energy of carpentry and a pinch of magic. About two passionate craftsmen, their friendship and their adaptability.

For a long time, Simone wanted to make a real ‘boy performance’. She succeeded! Again she works with Toon Kuipers, who delivers a moving performance as one of the carpenters. An ingenious construction on stage changes shape several times throughout the show and forms the backdrop for the dynamic interaction between the two men. Timtim is comical, fast-paced but at times also slow and melancholic. It’s remarkable how the performers manage to express human depth just with their bodies and facial expressions, without any language. Do not miss this performance!
Ingrid Wolff – Artistic Director 2 Turven Hoog

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