Through animated paintings and complementary music, children are submerged in a fairytale-like world. They meet Anastasiia and her dog Djonnik.

When a storm swallows up their house, they have to look for a new one. A house where they can feel at home again.

During their journey through many different landscapes, they meet all kinds of animals. Could they live with one of their animal friends?

The giraffe’s home is much too big, the pinguin’s house much too cold, but they do not give up!

Finally, they find a house where they feel at home. Do you want to know how? Come and travel along with Anastasiia and Djonnik. Together you will discover their new home!

After the show, the children from the audience are invited to draw their own dream homes on stage.

This production is inspired by creator Anastasiia Liubchenko’s personal story. She left her house in Ukraine to find a new home in the Netherlands.

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