Malou deals with sensitive topics through light-hearted characters and irresistible stories. Immerse yourself in her intimate, original, visual and imaginative world.

“Malou is able to take kids on a wonderful journey, using hardly any words or resources but instead using her physique to tell a story. […] Her shows touch on important topics and her acting is outstanding”. Ingrid Wolff – artistic director of Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

Malou created In the distance (2+) together with Judith Sleddens and FareWell (2+) with Maarten Zaagman. In the Distance played at the 2015 Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xian, China and at the Theater Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. FareWell (2018) has also been performed internationally.

In 2022, Malou van Sluis Productions will premiere a new co-production with Garage TDI and Vanaf2 Productions.